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Popular Porn Stars The audience which is more into porn have a few selected porn stars in their mind which they prefer to watch most of the times. Examples: Sasha Grey, Mia Khalifa Mia Khalifa, Angela White Angela White, Sunny Leone, Chanel Preston Chanel Preston et cetera. Lets take an example of Chanel Preston and find out why is she so popular! Chanel is the most popular middle-aged porn star these days, she is 33 and still driving all the men crazy! It is always fun for her to film on sets and she loves her job which is probably why the people love her too. She comes off so bold and erotic on screen, we can’t keep our eyes off her. She has actually revealed that she enjoys more with the girls during filming. Her answer to which celebrity would she like to have sex with is Angelina Jolie. Chanel is also into Anal Sex which makes her an even bigger hit in porn. She goes on to reveal her strongest orgasm happened when she tried anal sex for the first time. She is every man’s fantasy. But what really is behind her super sex stardom is her sex education based web series, Naked with Chanel! Apart from her sex appeal, she also has the most candid and interesting personality. Her interviews are so witty and she never holds back from saying anything. In fact on one of her interviews, she spoke in a mike shaped in a dildo.

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