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Life is happy and I'm enthusiastic about work! At least I've been feeling so since I changed my young and awkward secretary to a real woman. She is undoubtedly a milf in the strictest sense of the word. Most of all, she is as good as gold, I find her a gem of secretaries. In addition, she drives me crazy with her appearance. I already realised at the job interview that she would do me a wonder and I don't feel disappointed. When she turns up in the morning, her scent fills up the whole corridor. Her sexy walking is accompanied by the rythmic patter of her increadible high heels and her tight skirt makes me imagine her extremely round bottom. Although her white silk blouse is buttoned up as it is required, her rascal tits remind me of the fact she is a really sexy lady. She wears glasses, but I am aware of her excellent eyesight and I know she puts them on only in the lift. It is also the lift where she does her long curly hair in a bun to alter her look to be a genuine middle-aged secretary. Despite all her efforts to hide the lustful image, I feel hot whenever I just caught sight of her. I don't understand my own reactions. I'm the boss and I should stand on my feet and create a situation in which I could conquer her irresistible body. I can imagine a wild sexparty with her on my desk as it happened to my previous secretaries. I would tear off her stern blouse in order to free her hidden busts and I can even feel the taste of her skin in my mouth as kissing her. Sometimes her guarding blouse is mystically transparent showing her lace bra. It also moves my fantasy as I can imagine the matching panties on her. What? Panties? No way! I'm sure she doesn't wear anything under her skirt because I can never see any clues of any underwears there. So according to another fantasy picture of mine, I would start my clothes-tearing action with her skirt to see my theory proved. Well, what can I do? I'll call her in and order her to make me a coffee!

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