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Who will be the best paid pornstar in 2016? - part 2

2. Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann has a net worth of $2 million. Yes, that’s a million buck for each of her E cup boobs. Lisa started her career as a stripper at age of just 16 by using a fake ID. Enjoying the well deserved spotlight, she made the transition into porn very soon.


Lisa Ann


Since her debut in 1994, she has appeared in 300+ films and continues gaining outstanding popularity for her roles as one of the best MILFs in the industry. Beyond her epic banging performances, she is running her talent agency and her own studio as well. This milf knows how to get laid AND get paid as well. Ms. Ann has an exceptional talent to play the caring mommy, the bitchy boss, or the sex-crazed cougar. ezt csak akkor ha lesznek ilyen videók linkelve benne.

She always stands out as a dedicated performer who loves what she does. We suppose that her adult videos continue to be best sellers in the upcoming year.