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12 Reasons why not to go into one nighters

Just think about these 12 cons about one nighters and decide – says miss.at

  1. It’s very unlikely he knows how to get you to the top, because he doesn’t know you.
  2. On the other hand there is a high chance that only he will reach orgasm.
  3. You could eat Pizza for example instead of getting laid.
  4. You would regret all of it he next day!
  5. Just think of the dirty bed that would await you in the man’s apartment.
  6. He doesn’t have anything in his bridge for sure!
  7. You couldn’t dress in your favorite playing clothes in the morning.
  8. Do you know how bad his breath is in the morning?
  9. And yours?
  10. And it’s certain that he doesn’t have a spare toothbrush.
  11. Or vanilla shower gel
  12. There’s a good reason you have mutual friends on facebook (which makes the situation awkward)