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This is what men are interested in regarding vibrators

Miss.at has created a collection out of the wildest thoughts about vibrators ever asked. Here is the list. Enjoy reading them!

  1. „Where do you hide it? Between your bras, or maybe in your nightstand?
  2. „How does it feel to be an owner of a sex toy? Do you think of it during the day? No, really!”
  3. „Have you ever drained battery during action? Do you keep spare batteries for that occasion?”
  4. „Have you given it a name? How is it called?”
  5. „Doesn’t it feel awkward buying a vibrator?”
  6. „Have you ever left it on a place where everyone could see it?”
  7. „How often do you wash it? Do you put it in the washing machine?”
  8. „Do you like it better than the real thing?”