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Brutal stories about oral sex

Upon searching in the depths of the internet we’ve  found 5 tales that caught our mind. These are simply hillarious or embaressing. All of them has one same point tough: Oral sex. Let’s jump into it shall we?


Am I really going to die from a penis?

I once pleasured my partner orally while all of the sudden a penis ring got stuck on my throat! I started to gag and fight for air as the movie of my life started playing before me. I tought that people will come to my funeral asking my mother: „how did it happen?” Then I started laughing at this so hard that I coughed the ring up.


Back to the sender

I was having a vacation with my boyfriend and we decied that we’d take  bath together at night. Then I started to feel that I really want „it” so I started right away. Things didn't go according to my plans as I puked right on my boyfriend’s penis while it was in my mouth! Then I swallowed the whole thing back down. My friend said I was like a vacuum pump. Cried about it for merely 2 hours.


What burns the nose


I pleasured someone orally for the very first time in my life, so I didn’t know what to account for. When he came, he jerked my head and the whole thing went down my throat filling my nose and the back of my mouth. I pulled it out and started to fan with my hands cause it felt like my throat was burning. It was disgusting. My friend said he didn’t know it was like this.


Angry Pirate?


One night my boyfriend licked me out and he found a point where I reached orgasm. But he did not stop, and I felt I was going to cum once again. I tried to push his head away but  to no awail, so when I came I squirted right into his eyes.  He stopped for a moment, stared at me then started laughing. Luckily a few days later both of us could laugh at it.


Hips don’t lie!


No, we are not referring to Shakira’s famous track.

I was once licked out and I moved my hips so hard that I broke the guy’s nose! I came, and he finished it with  a bleeding nose. Like a champion.