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Never have sex in these 5 places!

In an aeroplane’s lavatory or in the backseat of a car? Just two examples on what a couple would think are the best places to make love. The biggest danger is considdered to be the voyeurs. But this is not the case.


The thing to fear the most is the viruses or the bacteria. These are often found in high traffic places. Charles Herba the microbiologist reveals what places to take out of your list.


  1. Aeroplane’s Lavatory

The worst of all places because at least 75 or more people use it daily before it’s cleaned. In addition not everybody washes their hands after using the toilet. This makes it a nice home for the E.coli bacteria…

  1. Gym locker room

MRSA, staphylococcus, streptococcus, norovirus, scab just to name a few bacteria wich you can run into in a locker room. The environment is just wet enough for them.

  1. Movie theater

The sticky floor wich is covered in Cola or the popcorn all around should be enough warning alone. What's more is that the seats aren’t cleaned too often so on the first inspection they’ve found staphylococcus.

  1. Playground or Park

Have you ever seen playground objects being cleaned? Neither do we. Bacteria that cause cold or flu are all over these places. Not to mention the faeces of animals in parks. If we want to have fun in a swing next time, remember: Probably about 20 children have cleared their nose in them.

  1. Waterside

Thanks to the garbage, bird faeces, or the sewage the waterside is not suitable for sex. There’s a possibility you can get rashes, diarrhea or other problems.