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5 signs that he is pretty bad in the bed

We collected 5 sentences that will instantly scare a woman away from dealing with a man any further.


  1. „I think we shouldn’t wait too long with having sex”

If someone doesn’t care who he has sex with and when, he is defenately not too good in bed. Best to just stay away from this type!

  1. „Every woman will reach orgasm with me!”

Every woman works differently, there is no recipe for this.

  1. „Oral sex is part of every  sexual act.”

This could be true if the guy gives it also and not just wants to receive it.

  1. „We had sex everyday with my ex.”

Well, first: Why speak of his ex? Second: Who cares what he did back then? If someon comes up with these kind of things it’s better to just stay away.

  1. „I don’t like too long foreplays”

If someone doesn’t like every part of love-making then we better not go any further with him.