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Six things women secretly do with their breasts

When women are home alone, the program is the following:

One: They pull out little hairs from around their nipples (while swearing from pain)

Everybody goes through this procedure. The hairs (wich are mostly vellus hair) must be eliminated no matter what!

Two: They cover their breasts with hands

While walking around the house. They sometimes look into the mirror andsing their favorite song.

Three: They fondle them

What’s more, they even speak to them. 

Four: They take a photo of them with their smartphone

So what? They don’t put it out to facebook. (or do they?)

Five: They compare them with others

For example with their best girlfriend’s or that famous actress who is currently nude on the screen.

Six: They get rid of their bras

Finally! After along day most of the women get rid of theri bras first when they are home alone.