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When is the Best time to have sex?

Like every other things in life, sex too has just the right timing. For instance if you are 30, the best time for you is 8:10pm!

It’s obious that whatever feels great in our twenties, feels different in our forties. Everyone’s biorythm changes but everything has it’s right time, even sex! Paul Kelly a sleeping expert from Oxford University stated that everything depends on how old you are.

  • We have to take in account that we are all different. We simply have this in our genes. One of us can wake up really early in the morning, while others can sleep till afternoon.  –  Said Kristine Brooks sexologist.

The Oxford University professional made different recommendations for every age-group. For example it in our twenites it is best that we awake at 9:30AM and have some „fun” at 15:00PM. In our thirties  we should awake at 8:30AM and have sex immediately after. Above our forties it is best that we awake at 7:50AM and have some sex at 22:20PM.

Basically there is never a wrong time for sex, but a lot of things have influence the RIGHT time. It depends on our workshift, energy, emotion and so on.

Researches show that as we get older, we wake up more early and go to sleep more early too.