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Amateur Video Of The Week

Have you ever had sex in a car, while going somewhere? Well, they did. And it was really awesome I must say. The thrill of getting caught...Maybe they did?

We were really stumbled upon the good angle and quality of this video. It is very hot, as most of the action can be seen. For an amateur video, the picture is pretty clear. Watch as the guy just fucks the girl, like theres no tomorrow. The car is driving on a bumpy road, wich adds some crazyness to it. I'd say that vibrator is a nice addion on the girl's behalf. It certainly helps her reach orgasm quicker! 

The guy gets really fast at the end, dont know if he actually creampies that nice pussy or not. One thing is for sure, they are having a wonderfull time! I just don't know how the car driver didn't notice anything from this, as the moaning was pretty loud. Maybe the car engine was louder?  

Well, if you want a great travel, this is how to do it. They sure know how to hit time, don't you think? Maybe this encourages some of you guys to try something like this. Anyway, you can check out the video bellow. It's uploaded by drakedcx, who only uploads these kind of videos. If you are really into ameteur porn, click subscribe on the user's profile!