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Can you use Rubber Gloves as condom?

So I've had many, many questions in all my years about this. Can a rubber glove be actually used as a condom? Short answer: No. The condom is made of higher quality silicone, then the rubber glove, and is thinner. If you would use rubber gloves, it is likely that it would cause serious injuries in her vagina (without lubrication). The rubber glove's silicone is much much more raw, then the condom's. Not to mention the bacteria it can get inot  the vagina. Condoms are sterilized, while ruber gloves...are not.

So be advised guys, never to try something stupid. If you don't have the money to buy condomes, then just have the girl use pills, or quit before the end, like the pornstars do in our videos. Hope this helped!