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5 Reasons why morning sex is the best?

They say morning sex is the best. But why is that? If you think about it, we are not exactly fresh in the morning. Dragon breath, drool decorating your pillow, etc etc. Well, we have collected some reasons for you.  Keep on reading :)

1. Because you'll actually remember it

This is a win for you and your girlfriend, who will really appreciate that you remember every detail. Normally you can't remember all, what was happened,
just a few short things. But this is not the case, when it happens in the morning! You'll be ble to recall even the smallest detail!

2.You'll be waking up on the right side of the bed

Yep, having sex in the moring will defenately have your day start good. Researchers say, that morning sex is the absolute stress-releiver. Just like the girl on the picture.

3. It's a good excersise

It defenately burns the calories a lot. An hour of sex burns as many calories az 30 minuntes jogging.

4. Who doesn't want to begin the day with orgasm?

It's basically like christmas. A nice package waits for you under the tree....sorry bed :)

5. The clothes are already off

If you are sleeping nude, and your partner is…you are lucky. No need to deal with those pesky clothes. :)


Missed out on morning sex?  Thanks to drakedcx, you can at least wank over it in this video