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16 years old guy will live with this pornstar

Ruslan Schedrin, said to be 16, is one of the luckiest teenagers. He lives the dreams of all adolescent. He can spend a month in a luxurious hotel room with one of Russia’s most talented adult movie star Ekaterina Makarova, aka Macy Ssens.

Shedrin Ruslan

The teenager was the luckiest visitor of a gaming site which sells virtual arms for computer games. They started a promotion a few months ago, where the 100,000th visitor will get Macy as a price.
The every men’s fantasy porn star confirmed that during the one month cohabitation of course there won’t be any sexuality involved between her and Ruslan, who turned out to might be even younger than 16. As an almost adult it would be really hard to resist the charm of a girl in her early 20’s.
His parents and sister were horrified once they’ve got to know about it. They tried to stay reasonable and convince Ruslan to pass his prize to someone. But Ruslan has planned already what to tell her when he’ll meet Ekaterina: 'Hi, I am that very boy, I've won you.'
If turns out that poor Ruslan is really younger than 16, which is the official age of having your own decisions in Russia, he might be forced to miss the opportunity and settle for a cash prize.

Must be a ‘real torture’ to be 24/7 with a porn star for a month. With whom will you be hard all day and night?